“Our daughter has been working with Rebecca since September 2016. 
In this time her confidence has grown tenfold. Rebecca has stripped back the layers and started from scratch with phonics. 
Rebecca regularly communicates with us both verbally and via reports to let us know what stage our daughter is working at & moving forward – what the next step will be. She has also given us advice with what we can be doing as parents to help our daughter succeed.
Rebecca has helped verify & remind our daughter’s school of what tools they should/must be providing her with! 
Our daughter genuinely looks forward to her lessons and relates well to Rebecca.
We cannot recommend Rebecca enough! We just wish we found her sooner!”

Parents of a KS3 student


“When my son started Reception class at school he fell behind very quickly. He lost all confidence and actively avoided any phonics or writing related subjects. I suspected that he may suffer from dyslexia. Despite 2 years of continuous meetings with the school and an ever increasing up hill battle to get extra support for him in the school setting none was forthcoming. My son had hardly made any progress. As he started year 2 I searched the internet and came across The Inclusive Learning Academy. I made contact with them and from the initial contact with Rebecca I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and reassuring to myself as the parent. My son was soon assessed and I was genuinely amazed that due to her fantastic ability to communicate and encourage young children, my son participated and actually attempted various assessments, even this was a big step for us. Rebecca found my son to be highly intelligent but showing symptoms of dyslexia. Rebecca explained to my son about Dyslexia in a way he fully understood. This small thing made such a difference. He realised he was not the same as everyone in his class and there were reasons he was well behind the levels they were at. The pressure on his shoulders was lifted straight away and he became less frustrated and emotional.

My son started one 2 one tutoring on a weekly basis with The Inclusive Learning Academy and later started a group session with students at a similar level to him. He benefited from working with other children his age who were also dyslexic, reinforcing that he was not alone in his struggles and for the first time he was taught in a group setting where he wasn’t behind and everyone was at the same level. A comprehensive report was written by the company to school with a long list of methods and teaching styles that would assist my son. The staff at the academy are that qualified that the school had no comeback. Nearly all the recommendations outlined were implemented.

It has been 9 months since we contacted the Academy and my son is now unrecognisable to the boy he used to be. His confidence is sky high and his enthusiasm in reading has grown. Dyslexia is a life long struggle so there have been no amazing leaps forward in my son’s abilities but he is now making steady and consistent progress.

I would recommend this company to any parent.”

Parents of a Specialist Tuition student


“My grandson is tutored by Rebecca for dyslexia- since starting with her 6 months ago he has grown in confidence enormously and his reading and writing are progressing wonderfully. He really enjoys working with her. She has managed to continue tutoring him right through the lockdown without a break which has really helped him. They have a wonderful rapport together she is caring and understanding of his needs. She always keeps myself and my daughter fully informed of how he is doing and advice re how we can work with him too.
I would not hesitate in recommending her for tuition of any child with similar issues.”

Grandparent of a Dyslexia Tuition student

“My daughter has been attending Maths sessions for just over a year now with Rebecca and has grown greatly in confidence with maths as well as having improved her ability. She has as a result recently moved up a set at school too! This has further boosted confidence in her ability and with extra positive support my daughter can see the impact for herself. I would thoroughly recommend this tutoring school.”

Parent of a KS3 Maths student


“Rebecca inspires my son with a fun and interesting approach to learning. He works hard and gets great results, he even ENJOYS attending classes! Thank you, Rebecca.'”

Parent of a KS3 Maths & English Home Schooled Student


“We are very happy how our daughter is progressing at The Inclusive Learning Academy. Rebecca’s teaching has taken Isobel’s English from good to great in such a short time.
We look forward to her developing and progressing even further in the coming year.”

Parents of a KS2 English Student 


“I would highly recommend Rebecca at The Inclusive Learning Academy. She helped boost my daughters confidence in her GCSE maths and gave her tremendous encouragement and support. My daughter achieved a level 8 in her maths and I doubt she would have achieved this excellent result without Rebecca’s help.”

Parent of a GCSE Maths Student


“I decided in January 2018 that I was going to retake my maths GCSE as a mature student to enable me to progress in my career. I initially contacted Rebecca to discuss with her and to see whether she thought I would be able to take my GCSE in May 2018. Rebecca met with me to do a very basic non-invasive assessment to check my fundamental knowledge of maths and agreed that we would aim to take the exam in May. Rebecca’s wealth of knowledge of maths supported me throughout the process. She started with recapping the fundamentals before moving on to more complex maths with a focus on exam question technique. Rebecca genuinely had my success at the forefront and did everything possible to make me succeed. I successfully achieved the grade I needed even without doing maths for 9 years!! Thank you Rebecca.”

Mature GCSE Student


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